Oct 11

My friend will be my sperm donor. Do I really need a sperm donor agreement?


The only answer to this question is a resounding YES! It might seem formal. It might seem like a gloom-and-doom approach. But it is absolutely necessary and worth the money to have a contract drafted and reviewed. When your friend volunteers to serve as your sperm donor, you might just feel elation to have found someone so great who is willing to help you. But the reality is that your rights and responsibilities regarding the child born from this donation should be contracted by the parties. People change. Feelings can emerge. What if your donor decides after the birth that he wants to seek custody, or timesharing, with the child? What if the intended parents try to make a claim for child support against the donor? It is important to execute an agreement that resolves these issues, and many, many more. Without an agreement, a future dispute may be “he said, she said,” resulting in a costly court case. Paying a little money to draft a contract before the donation occurs could save a lot more money and stress in the long run.