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In Florida, a divorce is either contested or uncontested. An uncontested divorce might be an option for you if the parties are in agreement as to the terms of the dissolution, which includes the distribution of assets and liabilities, alimony, and timesharing, child support, and the division of the parental responsibilities for any minor children involved.

In addition to representing a party in a contested divorce, Karen Persis also provides uncontested divorce services for a reasonable, flat fee arrangement of $2,000 in matters without minor children, which includes court costs, the preparation of the divorce petition and all court filings by an experienced attorney, and appearance by an attorney at the court hearing.

In matters involving minor children, the flat rate is $2,500, which includes all of the above plus the filing of a parenting plan. A parenting plan is critical in dissolution cases, as it will outline the timesharing arrangement, holiday schedule, duties, and responsibilities of the parents with respective to their children.

Attorney Karen Persis represents clients throughout the State of Florida, including the cities of Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg and more.

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