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Orange County Guardian Ad Litem – With unbearable caseloads, judges do not always have the necessary amount of time they need to examine every issue in a family law case. Therefore, they often order an independent investigation and report of a Guardian Ad Litem to determine what is in the best interest of the child involved. Guardians Ad Litem can be requested by either or both parents, or by the Court’s independent order.

When Karen Persis works as a Guardian Ad Litem, she thoroughly investigates the child’s welfare, including conducting home visits and meeting with many adults who are involved in the child’s life, including parents, relatives, school officials, community members, friends, medical professionals, and religious leaders.

Because Ms. Persis also works as a family law attorney, she is familiar with the many emotional, high-conflict issues involved with family law cases. After completing her investigation, she works diligently on a report, to be filed with the Court, detailing her process and explaining the recommendations she made based on her investigation. Karen enjoys serving as a Guardian Ad Litem in her community, and will do so at the reduced rate of $100 an hour.

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