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Protection for Intended Parents:

The law office of Karen Persis P.A in Orlando, Florida is devoted to creating a safe environment for same-sex and heterosexual couples, as well as individuals, looking to build their families through sperm donation. These intended parents look to protect their legal rights through this process, and Karen Persis will be dedicated to your needs in this situation.

Sperm Donation Agreement

Most medical specialists require that both the sperm donor and the Intended Parents execute a Sperm Donation Agreement prior to the donation taking place. This contract outlines expectations of both parties; including future rights and responsibilities, future contact, issues involving confidentiality, as well as financial reimbursements and other details. Sperm Donation Agreements are particularly important when the donor is known to the Intended Parents, and may remain in their lives as a family member or friend. It is critical that the parties understand and agree the legal and practical terms of this relationship.

Sperm Donor Contracts in Florida

In the case of the sperm donor, a legal contract will clearly identify that the genetic father will have no legal rights or responsibilities to the child. Details in sperm donation situations can vary widely, so it is important that the donor has legal advice available when needed.

In the case of a “known donor,” it is important to establish boundaries regarding expectations relating to confidentiality and future contact. An attorney can draft a sperm donation agreement, or contract, which will resolve the interests and concerns of all participating parties. The contract will clearly define the rights and obligations of both the sperm donor and the recipients.

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