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As an Egg Donation lawyer serving Miami, Karen Persis drafts egg donation agreements, and also reviews such agreements on behalf of the donor. A commissioning couple or commissioning parent can use an agency, or pursue donation privately. A donor may be known or anonymous. When utilizing a known donor, it is very important to establish boundaries regarding future contact (if any) between the parties, and the donor and the future children born from the donation.

Regardless of how the commissioning couple or parent finds their egg donor — whether known or anonymous — the expectations, rights and responsibilities of the parties need to be fully documented in a contract, signed by the parties before the procedure takes place. Additionally, the donor must have independent counsel review the agreement on her behalf, which is generally paid by the commissioning couple or parent.

Sperm Donation Lawyer in Miami

The law office of Karen Persis P.A is devoted to creating a safe environment for same-sex and heterosexual couples, as well as individuals, looking to build their families through sperm donation. These intended parents look to protect their legal rights through this process, and Karen Persis will be dedicated to your needs in this situation.

Protection for Donors:

In the case of the sperm donor, a legal contract will clearly identify that the genetic father will have no legal rights or responsibilities to the child. Details in sperm donation situations can vary widely, so it is important that the donor has legal advice available when needed.

If you are considering Egg Donation/Sperm Donation Law, do not delay in hiring an attorney to prepare your contract. For more information contact Karen Persis, P.A., an experienced Egg Donation Lawyer serving the Miami area.

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